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An amazing jazz band!

I created Jazz Wires in the Fall of 2017. All I wanted was to jam with good musicians, but after a couple of concerts, we got bounded for life!

The chemistry & energy on stage engages all types of audiences. Our fans describe the experience as: "music so intense and powerful it can make them fall in love instantly."

I continue working with Jazz Wires alongside my other musical projects.

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Each band member has unique qualities that make for a FANTASTIC UNION!


Brandt Fisher

Tenor Sax

Edmonds, Washington

The one and only, the one who puts the “Jazz” 🎷 in “Jazz Wires”, Brandt makes us sound better just by standing on stage with us. His amazing skill and soulful interpretations give every song the final touch for a complete awesome experience. Watching him improvise is very exciting! 😃He’s been the winner 🏆 of Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Tenor Sax for two years in a row since his freshman year. On top of his musical talents, he is an amazing friend and a very humble person.

Pic Brandt.jpg

Gabriella Aragon 

Trombone & Vocals

Boulder, Colorado


Every band has a star 💫 🌟 . Here’s ours! Gabbie is the “nice-and-soft, “fierce-and-wild” touch of the band. Her beautiful vocals and cold-blooded trombone push the band to another level of coolness! In addition to that, she has discovered a passion for acting after starring in so many of our music videos! She can be the “damsel in distress” and the “evil sorceress” at the same time! She is always up for party and fun!

Pic Gabbie.jpg

Noah Austin


Pullman, Washington


If you ever wonder how to mix physics & music, 👀 I think Noah knows the answer. Not only he graduated with a double major in Music and Mathematical Physics, but you can also hear all that in his playing. I have never met a trumpet player that plays like him. 🎺  His sound and vocabulary is very characteristic and very hard to imitate. You can literally hear equations in his solos and his music.

Pic Noah.jpg

Anthony Channita


North Bend, Washington


Anthony is the happiest drummer ever. He enjoys so much what he plays, that you can feel the music touching you directly. He is also the “watcher” of the band. His responsibility and professionalism keep us all in line 😁.

Pic Anthony.jpg

Joe Ballestrasse


Whidbey Island, Washington


Joe is amazing. His creativity always makes us all laugh. He can do a solo on one note and create a whole musical speech. He is one of a kind. I can confidently say that he is one of the few bass players who can play Cuban music in the whole Palouse area. 😀 Joe also writes some tunes for the band.

Pic Joseph.jpg

Raul E Blanco
Piano, Director

Camaguey, Cuba
I have the privilege to play and create music alongside these awesome artists. I write my music inspired by them. Together we have grown a lot as musicians and as friends. I think good music starts with good people, and Jazz Wires is great example of that. This is only the beginning of an amazing journey. 

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