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Don't leave this page until you have finished your order!

What I offer-

-Send me over your piano sheet music

and I'll record it for you.

-You will receive the audio (wav) file plus the MIDI file.









-and many more...

What I use to Record-

-Native Instruments Kontakt

with "Yamaha Motif XS" library


"New York Concert" library

-Studio One

-Roland Rd-300sx (midi controller)

Audio demos-

Yamaha Motif XS Dry


New York Grand

Piano Recordings

Make your order custom-

1-Write your email (Files will be delivered here)

2-Write on the description everything you need.

(Make sure to specify Tempo if needed)

3-Upload files (scores, tracks, demos...)

4-Click Send

-You may choose which of these four sounds you want, when you upload your files and description.

-If you don't  specify, I will send your audio file on the Yamaha Motif XS dry (which is perfect for anything)

Yamaha Motif XS Reverb

New York Pop


-I do not own whatsoever any part of your song or project, nor the track I record for you.

-When you decide to work with me, you are accepting

my style of playing.

-If I fail to record your song on the period of 10 days, the money will be returned to you completely.

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