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What I offer-

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-I offer a Transcription service for Latin and small combo music.

-Complete instrumentation or single instrument part.

What you get-

-Scores are delivered on PDF format as well as the Sibelius file for the reader iPad app "Avid Scorch"

-You will receive individual instrument parts plus the Conductor Score

-For special modifications (clef, key, instrument changes) please specify on your order.



-Finished transcription $30

-New transcription       $100

How to order-

-For new transcriptions: 

send me a message with the subject

"Request new transcription"

-For finished transcriptions:

 write on the subject

"Request finished transcriptions list"

then make your order with the

Song Code from the list.

-Special requests: 

For any special request please feel free to ask and I will answer you personally

Finished transcriptions  Codes

-Order here (click on a number)

Request the song list

on a private message

-All payments are made through


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