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You feel the pulsing beat, delivered with powerful sonic exclamation marks, and you think

“Wow, this is some big music. It’s almost arena jazz.”

-The Vinyl Anachronist

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Brutal Fairytale


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Land of Giants


The Music in my Dreams 


"...participating in huge musical traditions,

but doing so in ways that sound new and engaging."

-Dodie Miller-Gould, Lemonwire

From the Caribbean island of Cuba...

Raul E Blanco combines different styles of jazz, pop, classical, rock, and world music in a groovy, easy-listening, yet thoughtful way that inspires and impresses anyone who listens.


Raul delivers so much passion and elegance on each piece, his fans describe it as "music that opens your horizons and makes you feel calm, peaceful and excited, all at once." You can listen to him and get introspective, contemplative, happy, or energetic, but you always feel "better afterwards."

His music is conducive to many moods.

His compositions are evocative like there's always a story behind. You can hear love, fantasy, romance, spiciness, nostalgia, mystery and heroic themes.  

His exciting band "Jazz Wires" is a rush of energy and talent fused with high levels of creativity. 

Raul's music has a universal touch that connects with any kind of audience. This is what makes his live shows so engaging and attractive for the listener.

Raul was so knowledgeable that he could just sit down and be able to do anything he wanted.

Every song has something highly memorable about it.

The music he wrote was so intense and powerful, I can feel the passion behind it and fall in love instantly


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"Brutal Fairytale" album out now!

The wind of the north is traveling south.

Raul E Blanco & Jazz Wires start to spread their music across the globe now! 

3rd album "Brutal Fairytale" is pure energy, creativity & romance


With a fusion of Cuban rhythms, pop, reggae, ska and some seriously groovy jazz, you will feel the passion and fun. 


Adding to the celebration,


"Brutal Fairytale Official Music Video"

"The Hermit - Official Music Video" 

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